Edge Relay

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Edge Relay Starterpack


  • 2x Edge Relays
  • 2x Coin Beacons
  • 12 month Web App subscription
  • Priority Support

Please contact us to purchase the Edge Relay (further setup and configuration may be required)


Unleash the true potential of your beacons.

BlueCats Edge Relay is a world-class gateway device that brings a new level of functionality, extensibility, and security to your iBeacon and Eddystone Beacons. Get in touch today to see why Edge Relay is an essential part of your next Beacon project.

World Leading BLE performance

Using the BlueCats high performance BC011 Module, and an ultra sensitive external UFL Bluetooth Antenna ensures maximum coverage and accuracy.

On or off the cloud

Easily stream data over UDP or directly to AWS IoT, IBM BlueMix, Microsoft Azure IoT or to YOUR local / cloud hosted MQTT broker.

Track any BLE Device

Scan and forward real time advertisement data from BlueCats or 3rd Party Bluetooth devices. Report real time proximity of any iBeacon, Eddystone or BlueCats Beacon.

Advanced Network Capabilities

Enterprise grade networking capabilities built on the powerful OpenWRT foundation. Centralised monitoring with the BlueCats Cloud.

Build it your way


Run entirely within a private network or communicate with the Cloud securely over SSL and MQTT with TLS support. End-to-end security for your tracking and sensor data by switching to BlueCats’ proprietary secure protocols.

Device Monitoring

Production ready with multisite device monitoring and management in the BlueCats Cloud.

The Heart of your IoT Project

Scan and forward BLE Beacon and Sensor Data – use the BlueCats Module and build your own advanced sensor.

Developer friendly / Ready to Customise

Advance the functionality further with custom packages built on the core BlueCats scanning libraries.

Send data the way you want it

Control the flow of data with device filtering, throttling and our advanced signal smoothing algorithms.

  • Filter out the noise by including only specific Bluetooth address ranges, iBeacon regions, Eddystone namespaces or custom payload filters – or send everything!
  • Control the data flow – set limits on maximum devices to track and how often to report them to your servers.
  • Advanced signal smoothing algorithms provide optimal accuracy for proximity tracking applications while reducing traffic to your servers
  • Powerful on-board diagnostics provide insights into every signal received in real-time.

How it works


Detect Bluetooth devices in range, including all popular formats: iBeacon, Eddystone and the full range of BlueCats secure, sensor and custom protocols


Control the flow of data with advanced signal smoothing, filtering & throttling. Include the information you need with ready to go applications for proximity tracking, sensor measurement or custom integrations.


Send all beacon sighting data to private network or cloud servers. Endpoints supported include UDP, MQTT & HTTP/HTTPS.

Industry Applications



Collect, analyse, and share valuable insights about the movements and trends of Assets and Personnel within your organisation, office, or commercial premises.  Save money and increase productivity through better space utilisation powered by BlueCats products.


Improve the safety of your construction site by easily monitoring, in real time, when and where contractors check in/out of your project site. Increase response times, improve evacuation times, and drive down costs through smarter asset and personnel management.

Industrial & Engineering

Deploy, manage, and monitor your industrial or engineering project faster using Edge Relay.  Using Edge you will be able to deploy, scan, and communicate your BLE data with ultimate ease and versatility, giving you full control on how, when, and where to send your BLE data.


Quickly locate assets, keep track of patients and staff, while monitoring any array of sensors

Technical Specifications

Device Type Edge Relay
System-On-Chip Atheros AR9331
CPU 400 MHz
Flash 16 MB
Ethernet 2 x 10/100M, 1 POE
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 GHz with PCB antenna
Bluetooth 4.2 (BLE)

BC011 (TI CC2640) with external antenna

OS OpenWrt CC 15.05
Protocols UDP
Dimensions (incl antenna) 90mm (W) x 65mm (L) x 23mm (D)